Organizing committee

John Arblaster is part-time lecturer in the history of spirituality in the Low Countries at the Ruusbroec Institute. He also works part-time as a research associate of the Faculty of Theology and Religious Studies, KU Leuven.

Bert De Munck is professor at the History Department of the University of Antwerp, teaching ‘History of the early modern period’, ‘History and social theory’, and ‘Public history’. He is member of the Centre for Urban History at the same university and director of the Scientific Research Community (WOG) ‘Urban agency.

Roschanack Shaery-Yazdi is lecturer at the Department of History of the University of Antwerp. She is a social and political ethno-historian with a focus on transnationalism, Islamism (mainly Shiite movements), political violence and memory politics. Her research focus is the Arab East (Lebanon and Syria) and Iran.

Walter Van Herck is associate professor at the Philosophy Department / Centre Pieter Gillis and chair of the Philosophy department of the University of Antwerp. He is the editor-in-chief of International Journal of Philosophy and Theology.

Luc Braeckmans is emeritus professor at the Philosophy Department of the University of Antwerp and senior advisor at UCSIA.

Gilke Gunst is project coordinator Religion, Culture & Society and Jesuit Heritage at UCSIA.

UCSIA (Universitair Centrum Sint-Ignatius Antwerpen) is an independent academic centre founded in 2002 by members of the University of Antwerp and the Jesuit Order. The centre aims to stimulate multidisciplinary academic research and education on issues of social justice, inter-religious and intercultural dialogue, culture and science. UCSIA organizes international and national seminars, conferences, lectures and workshops.


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