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In light of the recent developments and based on the advice of university experts, the management of the University of Antwerp decided to cancel the physical version of the summer schools taking place in Antwerp this summer. This decision affects the UCSIA Summer School on ‘Religion, Mobility and Politics’, as it is hosted at the city campus of the University of Antwerp.
Given the fact that personal tutoring and networking are key elements of the course, UCSIA decided to reschedule the programme of 2020 to next academic year: 22 – 29 August 2021.

The programme, the assignments and the faculty remain unchanged. Learn more.

Selected participants of the 2020 call for papers, are invited to participate in next year’s summer school. Selected participants of 2020 who are not able to participate in 2021 are kindly asked to inform project coordinator Gilke Gunst as soon as possible or by 18 April 2021 the latest. A new call for papers may be issued in the spring of 2021 to fill in the vacancies.

Considering the evolution of the respective research projects over the course of the year, selected participants are asked to submit a reviewed version of their research paper by 18 April 2021 to project coordinator Gilke Gunst. Please note that the research topic cannot be changed.

The travel allowance already granted to some selected participants will still be reimbursed if his/her itinerary does not change. If necessary, selected participants of 2020 can reapply for a travel grant until 18 April 2021. Selected participants who did not apply for a travel grant in 2020, but wish to do so in 2021, can also submit their application by 18 April 2021.

For further questions, please contact project coordinator Gilke Gunst.


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Project Coordinator Religion, Culture & Society
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